About CSM-Toxin

CSM-Toxin provides a comprehensive suite for rapid identification of toxin proteins.

Running predictions
Input CSM-Toxin

The input page can be accessed from the home page or via the top menu Run. Here, two options are available:

  • Manual - Submitting one or multiple (max 10) protein sequences in FASTA format (1)

  • File upload - Submitting a file in fasta format with a list of protein sequences (2)

  • For both types of submissions, users may provide an email (3) which will be used to send the results once they are ready.

Output CSM-Toxin

Results are displayed in table format:

  • Predictions for each protein sequence are shown (4) alongside with general physicochemical details (5)
  • All results can be downloaded as a comma separated file (CSV) (6)

Contact us

In case you experience any troube using CSM-Toxin or if you have any suggestions or comments, please do not hesitate in cantacting us either via email or via our Group website.

If your are contacting regarding a job submission, please include details such as input information and the job identifier