Running predictions on CSM-peptides
Input CSM-peptides
  • CSM-peptides can be queried with a single peptide sequence (1) or by uploading a list of peptides in fasta format (2).
  • A sample file is also available for download (3) to help users when preparing their input data.
  • If an email is provided (4), a link to the results page will be emailed as soon as the job is finished.
Results page CSM-peptides

For both input options (single and list), results are summarised as a downloadable table with the following information:

  • Predictions for all 8 peptide classes (AAP, ABP, ACP, AIP, AVP, CPP, QSP and SBP) for each entry provided (5). Hover the mouse pointer over the icons to view the probability score predicted by CSM-peptides.
  • Common physicochemical properties calculated for a single entry can be compared with overall stats for a particular peptide class via the Details button (6).
  • The entire table can be downloaded as a comma-separated values file (CSV) using the button right above the table (7).

Contact us

In case you experience any troube using CSM-peptides or if you have any suggestions or comments, please do not hesitate in cantacting us either via email or via our Group website.

If your are contacting regarding a job submission, please include details such as input information and the job identifier