Kinact - Kinase Activating Mutation Predictor

Prediction Outcome

Mutation predicted outcome:


Effects of Mutation on Stability:

mCSM ΔΔG: -0.371 kcal/mol (Destabilizing)

SDM ΔΔG: -0.500 kcal/mol (Destabilizing)

DUET ΔΔG: -0.291 kcal/mol (Destabilizing)

Mutation details:

Chain: A

Position: 346

Wild-type: Glutamate (E)Structure of E

Mutant-type: Lysine (K)Structure of K

Protein details:

Secondary Structure: Strand

Relative Solvent Accessibility: 52.06%

Closest Group of Kinases: TKL

Families in this group 28

Superposition of structures in the closest group of kinases:


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Binding types
Binding Type
Weak Hbond
Metal Complex
Polar Hbond without angle

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Spectrum of conservation

Not conserved

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Residue Type
Polar (QNSTYW)
Hydrophobic (AGILPVF)
Charged (RHKDE)
Sulphuretted (CM)

X: Activating mutation