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BRAF // ENST00000288602

Horizontal lines show gene-specific MTR percentiles 5th, 25th, 50th, and neutrality (MTR = 1.0)
MTR calculated using WES component of gnomAD v2.0.

Observed Variation (Yellow = Missense, Green = Synonymous)
ClinVar Variation (Red = Pathogenic missense, Blue = Benign missense)

Lollipops shown for canonical-matching UniProt accession where a valid Pfam domain can be retrieved.

Alternate matches (Currently selected in bold)
Feature HGNC Symbol CCDS RefSeq Canonical
ENST00000479537 BRAF No match -
ENST00000497784 BRAF No match -
ENST00000288602 BRAF CCDS5863 NM_004333 Yes